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At The Westervelt Company, we are stewards of the land. We believe in sustainable management, conservation and protection of our natural resources. We are committed to our core values of ensuring the safety and well-being of our employees, providing the highest quality products and services for our customers, developing long-lasting, inclusive relationships in the diverse communities where we live and work, and advancing a culture where everyone is valued and respected.


Stewards of the Land

We believe that sustainability, the core of our legacy as stewards of the land, is one of our greatest responsibilities to uphold. Protecting our natural resources and ensuring a diversity of habitats across our lands is more than a commitment – it’s the standard we hold ourselves to.

Core Values

The beliefs that guide every decision that we make as a company include:

  • Safety - Safety on the job and the personal well-being of each employee is of primary importance throughout the Company.
  • Quality - We believe that our stakeholders deserve the highest quality, sustainably sourced products and services available in our industry. We believe that the differences in skills and experiences of our diverse team drive the innovative solutions that give us a competitive advantage.
  • Community - We believe we have a responsibility to act with integrity and build beneficial, long-lasting, inclusive relationships in the diverse communities where we live and work. We continue our legacy of community service by ensuring that we best serve our employees and communities by valuing the unique contributions of each.
  • Culture - We believe in building a culture that embraces the distinctive and diverse talents of our people and are deeply committed to reflecting their unique experiences and perspectives. We believe in a supportive culture of belonging that provides equal opportunity for each to do their best work, and sharing the sense of purpose and connection that leads to an exceptional blend of people.

Values of Excellence

Our success relies on providing our employees with the opportunities and expectations of excellence.

  • Learning - We believe in a philosophy of continuous improvement and learning, both personally and professionally. We believe in celebrating backgrounds and perspectives of all of our employees, and empowering their continued learning.
  • Accountability - We believe that we have a responsibility to our employees, our environment, our communities and our Company to contribute to our long-term success. We believe an environment where all groups feel empowered, respected and engaged is one where we create opportunities to develop capabilities.
  • Collaboration – We believe that the diversity of our people is a driver for collaboration, which enables our success. Through collaboration, we develop innovative, sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our employees and customers.