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The Westervelt Company

The Westervelt Company is a private, family-owned land stewardship company that has managed forest resources for almost 140 years. With more than a half-million acres of forest currently under management, Westervelt has established itself as a leader in sustainable forestry, responsibly sourced timber products, ecological mitigation services, hunting and recreation, and natural resource conservation. The company is headquartered in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, with offices throughout the United States and in New Zealand.

Westervelt’s work reflects its expertise in natural resource management, business, regulatory issues, and science. The company comprises four business lines, all of which are committed to environmental stewardship and delivering the highest quality products and services. Divisions include Westervelt Lumber, Westervelt Forest Resources, Westervelt Ecological Services, and Westervelt New Zealand.

The Westervelt Company prides itself on its long history of wise resource use and has earned the trust and respect of customers, landowners, government agencies, and outdoor sports enthusiasts[EH1] through its ongoing commitment to sustainable operations and best management practices.

Westervelt Forest Resources is Celebrating 75 Years

On June 1, 1948, what was then Gulf States Paper officially created the Forestry Department. This month, we're celebrating that anniversary by looking back to appreciate the contributions of those that have been a part of our team.

Our Sustainability Story

Westervelt is not just a sustainable company, we're a sustainability company. To us, sustainability means more than sound environmental practices. We know our actions matter, and we relentlessly pursue opportunities to improve the world around us through our products, practices and people.

We're proud to share our 2021 Sustainability Report.

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