Maximizing internal opportunities in conjunction with an active acquisition strategy are hallmark processes in The Westervelt Company's approach to fulfilling its internal growth model.

We concentrate on evaluating candidates who are strategic with our current platform models, in addition to developing new business platforms that complement or expand the company's Appreciation of Conservation guiding principle.

Our acquisition focus is directed toward companies with long-term business operators whose demonstrated entrepreneurial ability provides a track record of sustainable growth in both top line revenues and profitability, and who have a desire to continue expanding and growing their business by utilizing our corporate leadership and global resources.


INVESTMENT THESIS. We seek to expand our business model though the acquisition of privately owned companies and offer financial and human capital resources to support growth of their profitability over the long term. As a family-owned business, we understand the needs and requirements of other family-owned companies. This differentiates us from other private equity acquirers, who often focus on immediate cost reductions and the implementation of short term growth to pursue exit strategies.

FLEXIBILITY. Well capitalized - both in terms of human capital resources and balance sheet strength - we have the flexibility to evaluate potential candidates quickly, utilizing in-house expertise to swiftly close the acquisition.

CLOSURE. A non-bureaucratic acquisition approval process provides us the ability to expedite acquisition from effecting of a letter of intent, through due diligence to the ultimate execution of a formal purchase agreement, targeting closure within seventy-five days.

Acquision Process

INTEGRATION. Acquirers often impose their own management teams, procedures and strategy upon the new acquisition. We believe this approach diminishes morale and relative competitive position. Instead, we evaluate the current management team's strategy and work collaboratively to formulate the best overall strategy for enhancing competitive position and fostering a continuation of the past success factors that have driven the business.

GROWTH. One of the key criteria for acquisitions is the ability to preserve the entrepreneurial spirit that was the driving force behind the company's growth and profitability. As one of the largest privately held and well capitalized companies in the Southeast, The Westervelt Company provides acquired companies the financial stability and supporting resources needed to continue such spirit, while expanding and profitably growing the business.

Acquision Timeline


The Westervelt Company's initial focus is to acquire businesses that are a strategic fit with our current platform investments in land and natural resource-based products and services. We do not limit our interest in new business opportunities due to size or geographic location.

Secondarily, we look to add new business platforms to our global footprint. While we prefer businesses with minimum trailing pre-tax profits of $3 million, we will evaluate businesses with less than our pre-tax profits threshold if there is a compelling future growth opportunity.

The main driver of our acquisition strategy is developing viable opportunities with business owners and managers who practice and exemplify high quality business ethics, have demonstrated a long term growth and profitability record, and who possess an entrepreneurial desire to exponentially grow the business model by leveraging our sound capital base.

For additional information on The Westervelt Company and our Acquisition Strategy contact us directly.

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