File Room Supervisor


POSITION: File Room Supervisor                               

DIVISION: Wood Products                                           

LOCATION: Moundville, Alabama


This position supervises and trains file room associates to be able to maintain saws, guides and chipping heads. Also assists in machine alignment throughout the mill at Westervelt Lumber. 


  1. High school diploma or GED and minimum of three years manufacturing experience.
  2. Experience in a wood products or similar facility with mechanical knowledge of equipment operations.
  3. Must be committed to creating a safe work environment and promote team building.
  4. Previous supervisory experience and knowledge of OSHA regulations preferred.
  5. Knowledge of round saws, band saws, saw guides and machine alignment.
  6. Must have work experience to demonstrate proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

The qualifications of individuals applying for this position will be compared to the above criteria. Only those having qualifications that meet the selection criteria may be interviewed for the position.

Internal candidates wishing to be considered for this position should notify both their Human Resources representative and their supervisor and complete the Job Posting Application form available from Human Resources and submit it to Sandy Kornegay by 4/12/2017.

External candidates should submit a complete resume to, indicating in the subject line the position for which they are applying.  

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