Computer & Application Support Analyst

POSITION: Computer & Application Support Analyst                          

DIVISION: Information Services                                              

LOCATION: Tuscaloosa, Alabama


The primary responsibility of this position is to meet the computer support needs of internal associates in a call center environment.  Responsibilities include overall management of desktop/laptop assets deployed throughout the corporation. This position will interact closely with associates in the general usage of computer hardware/ software and help to identify, analyze, prioritize and resolve computer-related problems.  Additional responsibilities include assisting the application development team as secondary support for systems and applications.


  1. Associate’s degree or equivalent, bachelor’s degree preferred.
  2. CompTIA A+ certification preferred and 1-2 years of relevant experience.
  3. Must have work experience that demonstrates good problem solving skills, ability to work with multiple priorities and thorough attention to detail.
  4. Must be able to effectively communicate regarding computer technology issues and have a proven track record in providing good customer service.
  5. Strong office software skills and ability to learn new software/hardware technologies.
  6. Must possess familiarity with basic networking terminology and concepts.

The qualifications of individuals applying for this position will be compared to the above criteria. Only those having qualifications that meet the selection criteria may be interviewed for the position.

Internal candidates wishing to be considered for this position should notify both their Human Resources representative and their supervisor and complete the Job Posting Application form available from Human Resources and submit it to Sandy Kornegay by 6/26/2017.

External candidates should submit a complete resume to, indicating in the subject line the position for which they are applying.

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